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Sunrise Million Dollar Madness Daily Code Word Here

One Million dollars is up for grabs on the Sunrise Million Dollar Madness Competition. Find out the code word right here.To enter the Competition to Win keep checking back for the latest Sunrise $1,000,000 Madness Code Word 

Match this codeword with one from “that’s life!” and you’re ready to enter.

Competition starts Monday 31st August

  • 4th Sept 2015 the code word is ‘ CASH  ‘ 

Previous  code words 

      • 3rdd Sept 2015 the code word is ‘ SPEND  ‘ 
    • 2nd Sept 2015 the code word is ‘ MAD  ‘ 
  • 1st Sept 2015 the code word is ‘ WIN  ‘ 
  • 31st Aug 2015 the code word is ‘ PIGGY  ‘